Gingerline Group Interdimensional Dining

The Story So Far

Gingerline is a group of clandestine dining adventurers. We’ve been creating nights of mystery and delicious dining along the East London Line since August 2010.

Starting out as a ‘for the love’ experiment, based out of the kitchen of our founders, Gingerline has cartwheeled and cavorted across London, opening the eyes – and minds – of intrepid explorers through our growing collection of immersive dining experiences.

Over the past five years, our out-of-this-world - but strictly top secret - experiences, which fuse together art, performance, food, drink and design, have been increasingly described as ‘the hottest tickets in town’.

From Crystal Palace to Canonbury, we are constantly seeking out the next level in adventure for London’s boldest and bravest diners- from a Siberian circus in New Cross Gate, to a submarine mess hall in Shoreditch.

We have pounded the pavement in search of secret sweet spots, explored local communities and collaborated with many awe-inspiring people.

What started life as a single dimensional nomadic food fusions, has morphed into three distinct strands of flavoursome forays.

Our desire has always been to create unusual, unpredictable and delicious dining experiences for those who have a taste for the unexpected. We’ve loved every minute and there’s much more to come.